Lessons only

If you are already living or staying in Cambridge (or planning to) and want to improve your English, this page is for you.

I offer lessons on a daily or weekly basis (or something in between) either at my home or at another venue, such as your place of work or your home.

The time of day can be flexible, as can the length of the lessons and the number of lessons in any one day. It depends on what you want, the time you have available, and the way you learn best. My recommendation for a lesson unit is normally 90 minutes but two hours can work well for some people if they already have a good level of English.

As with all our English courses, I first carry out a needs analysis with you so that we can agree your language requirements. This is a vital stage in ensuring a successful outcome because it also helps us both to identify any issues you may have. Key questions would be, for example:

It is not necessary to commit to a series of lessons at any stage, although this would assist the structured approach I suggest. We can arrange an introductory lesson and then decide if it is what you want.

The content of the lessons could be similar to that described on the Course Content page, or it might be more standardised. It will always be varied.

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